C.D.M. Swageco Industrial Manufacturing produces quality swage nipples, pipe nipples and bull plugs for the petroleum, chemical, plumbing, steel and paper mill industries. Our reputation for top quality products and services are well known in our respective markets.

C.D.M. Swageco Industrial Manufacturing produced it's first swage in 1970 as a family owned and operated company. Prior to starting C.D.M. Swageco, our founder worked in the industry for over 30 years. When he began, his goal was to manufacture an excellent product with competitive pricing, quick delivery  and personal, yet exceptional customer service.  His aspiration continues within C.D.M. Swageco Industrial Manufacturing to this day.

Our swage nipples, pipe nipples and bull plugs are produced in the United States of America from bar stock or seamless pipe material. All fittings are permanently marked with our company name, pipe size, schedule, ASTM specification, and traceable heat code as required.